Dutchman Maarten Poodt's latest custom creation began when an internet commenter had doubts about Maarten's previous bike being a true custom build or a collection of bolt-on parts. Once Poodt read the comment, he knew what he would do next — build a completely new bike around an engine.

Specializing on Yamahas that are scarce in the Netherlands, he began with an early '80s Yamaha XT550 enduro bike. The Dutchman removed the engine from the motorcycle and then simply threw away the remaining components.

The frame of the bike is all-new and was constructed from chromoly steel, while the front-end girder was also crafted from the same material. Two handmade stainless steel tanks are nestled within the handmade frame, as the back then features a custom seat and pan. The wiring has also been redone and is in turn hidden in the seat and headlight.

Instead of incorporating all-new wheels, Maarten chose to rebuild the original 21-inch front with new spokes and then sourced another 21-inch wheel for the rear.

The engine and twin Mikuni carbs have been rebuilt and hooked up to a K&N filter, while an RVS exhaust pipe wraps around the engine.

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